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Over 64 million people worldwide live with heart failure, a chronic and potentially fatal condition where the heart is unable to efficiently pump blood. If the condition is properly addressed patients can lead much better lives.

Novartis: #KeepItPumping Heart Health Campaign: News

The Challenge

Many of the symptoms of heart failure can be mistaken for normal consequences of aging. It was therefore vital to alert the younger generation of caregivers to the signs and symptoms of heart failure and the importance of early treatment which can substantially improve patients’ quality of life.

Novartis: #KeepItPumping Heart Health Campaign: Text

The Solution

As part of the wider #KeepItPumping campaign, we worked with Novartis to organize an on-ground event for social media influencers designed to engage the younger population of caregivers.  We identified and partnered with the digital influencers capable of making a difference and leveraged their substantial follower base to create and disseminate content.

Novartis: #KeepItPumping Heart Health Campaign: Text


+20 digital influencers participated in the on-ground awareness drive with their cumulative posts organically reaching and engaging with +1 million of our audience group including patients, caregivers and healthcare specialists.

Novartis: #KeepItPumping Heart Health Campaign: Text
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