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Stop Counting Start Living


Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a rare blood disorder deeply impacting patients’ lives.
On Global ITP Awareness Week we helped Novartis lead a 360-campaign mobilizing and demonstrating community solidarity with patients to reduce the psychological toll of the illness.

#StopCountingStartLiving – Advocating for People Living with ITP: News

The Challenge

ITP is a little-known and often misunderstood illness with a multifaceted burden on patients' lives, including a negative impact on emotional well-being and ability to work. As a result, patients frequently feel isolated.

#StopCountingStartLiving – Advocating for People Living with ITP: Text

The Solution

We worked with Novartis in partnership with patient group ‘Shefaa’ on a 360-campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by ITP patients. In addition to building resonance via media content and outreach, Egypt’s forefront medical school, Kasr al Aini, lit up in purple driving mass ITP advocacy. The campaign connected with people via art in an expo organized with Ballerinas of Cairo as well as the production of a curated song inspiring people to take on challenges. It also brought people with a passion for sports in a rowing parade, and engaged celebrities and young influencers.

#StopCountingStartLiving – Advocating for People Living with ITP: Text
#StopCountingStartLiving – Advocating for People Living with ITP: Video


  • The cumulative impact of these wide-reaching activities took the campaign viral as it transformed awareness of ITP and was recognized as a success case study within Novartis.

  • + 200 mn earned media impressions across all platforms, and the participation of 55 local and regional celebrities.

  • More importantly it succeeded in engaging patients, with many reaching out to join the campaign and a couple of celebrities openly admitting to living with ITP.

#StopCountingStartLiving – Advocating for People Living with ITP: Text
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